About the artist

After discovering John Conway’s Game of Life during his childhood, thevanluong had developed a passion for combining digital arts and algorithm design. Starting from the observation that beauty is everywhere, art is a part of life and it should not be reserved for the elite.

The machine being capable of performing billions of operations per second and simulating randomness in a non-deterministic way, it might be the ideal candidate to push the boundaries of digital arts.

Take for example ten points in a plan, there are several millions ways of connecting them. Imagine thousands points, there are more ways of connecting them than stars in the universe…

With his “dancing creatures” patterns, the artist wanted to share an illustration of this order of magnitude through the resolution of combinatorial optimization problems.

All these unique and complex creations are realized with algorithm design based on metaheuristics and supervised learning methods.

Ph.D. in computer science since 2011, thevanluong is a French research scientist living in Switzerland. His expertise lies in operations research, artificial intelligence and GPU computing to solve industrial optimization problems.